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Enchanted Lands Spirit Earth Lights LED Light Sculptures made with Cholla Cactus from the Sandia foothills and Rio Grande Gorge Canyon!

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  In Production Winter/Spring and completed May 22nd 2015, The Enchanted Lands Vol. 4 is the 4th and most likely installment of Musical explorations of Beautiful Northern New Mexico & Rio Grande Gorge Valley. I am on a continuing journey in expanding my musical sound style and incorporating World sounds and Influences that trademark my music. I combined the spirit and elements of the previous 3 volume Compositions and feel this latest Album is most cohesive in it's sonic palette etc. I work solely from inspiration and events to guide me in my composing and production of the Enchanted Lands Music, it is pure Love and Joy from my heart! Enjoy the creative inspiring Ambiance of Enchanted Lands vol #4 :) Below are mp3's for your listening pleasure. JPF
Enchanted Lands 4 CD Cover

Enchanted Lands Vol.# 4 CD Track descriptions
  • Track 1 Comet Trails- 12:00-The Comet Lovejoy is seen flying through Cassiopeia in this Trance-ful composition with beautiful melodies, downtempo bass/beats and stellar atmospherics.

  • Track 2 DragonFly- 10:00-The Rio Grande is the setting for the magical world of a DragonFly finding her mate. This Grooving mix starts with beautiful ambient melodies, sounds from the river and transitions into a percusive Drum & Bass melody with soulful Keyboards & Acoustic Guitar textures.

  • Track 3 Eclipse- 10:00-This Soundtrack cacptures the beauty of an Eclipse on the Spring Equinox. A String Melody introduces the piece with synth Pads modulating into jamming sequences, bass and drums driving a progressive rhythm that crescendos back into the original melody.

  • Track 4 Snowflakes- 7:30-The tranquil winter atmosphere of a snowfall presented in a soft Organ Melody w/ subtle Chimes and Angelic pads evolving with Japanese style flutes, & Winter like Envelopes.

  • Track 5 The Mountain- 10:00-The Snow covered Taos Mountain in it's Mystical Grandeur. Asian melodies with Tuvan samples, Gamelan bells, and layered percussion take you through a Epic soundscape Journey.

  • Track 6 Samadhi- 9:30-Asian inspired soundscape layered with keyboards & light string melodies, Gamelan bells, sounds from the river and a Native Amercian Flute solo inspiring a blissful meditation.

  • Track 7 MoonTrance- 14:00-The First New Moon in Spring phases to full as it dances across the night sky. This Lunar Soundscape is Centered around dynamic Electronic Beats, Arpeggiated sequenced Melodies, Jazzy keyboards and Spacial Envelopes that cycles back full circle to the beginning.


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      Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Volume 3

      Completed 10-22-2014, The Enchanted Lands Vol.3 marks the “3rd Act” continuing Musical exploration of Beautiful Northern New Mexico & Rio Grande Gorge Valley. John endeavored to capture the spirit of the first 2 EL Compositions and expand musical themes with tracks influenced by Multiple Cultures and Instruments. John's goal is to create "Aural Meditations" infused music with a spiritual connection & relaxing energy frequency. Enjoy the creative healing powers of Enchanted Lands :) JPF
    Enchanted Lands 3 CD Cover

    Enchanted Lands Vol. 3 CD Track descriptions
  • Track 1 The Quest- 8:00- The title track Encompasses a musical/metaphysical Journey which centers around a Eastern Themed Melody created with Turkish Saz, Cumbus & Sitar w/ Beautifully layered Ethereal drones, inter-flowing Soulful Keyboard Melodies & dynamic Drum/Bass rhythms that capture the energy/high frequency of the Enchanting Spiritual Locations of New Mexico.

  • Track 2 Waterfall- 7:00- Field Recordings of Birds and Waterfalls inspire this track arranged on a Melody reminiscent of a Japanese Shamisen with Acoustic Guitar, Gamelan Bells, Vocal Choirs and lush Keyboard Pads all producing a Tranquil Atmosphere perfect for a Meditation with your favorite Tea. Dedicated to the Bodhisattva's of the Earth :)

  • Track 3 Desert Stars- 11:00- A relaxing Soundscape inspired by the beautiful StarFeilds in the high Desert. Enveloping Synth Drones set the Galactic stage for a peaceful Piano/Keyboard melody that suspends like the Stars in the Milky Way.

  • Track 4 Petroglyphs On The Moon- 13:00- A meditative Soundscape inspired by the Ancient Petroglyphs in the Volcanic Rock Formations and Amazing Full Moons of NM. Rhodes Keyboard melodies create a haunting foundation w/ a Tuvan Drone, Native American shakers/ drum beats, Subtle violin strings & Flute harmonies building into a beautiful climatic Soulful crescendo.

  • Track 5 Rainbows- 9:30- Inspired by a “Triple” Rainbow seen over Questa-Taos Pueblo. Rain/Thunderstorm field recordings set the scape with Wind Chimes that transition through a Dragon-like Bell Cadence. Chime Melodies evolve into a mesmerizing prismatic ballad of color fading out into dreamlike keyboard pads.

  • Track 6 Coyote Nocturne- 10:00- This Night-Scape is inspired by the haunting midnight howls of Coyotes in the country. A “Western” themed Guitar bass line is embellished with Contrapuntal Keyboard and Electric Guitar melodies atop mysterious Synth Envelopes painting a harmonic collage under a full moon.

  • Track 7 Sunflower- 7:43- Arrays of Bees perform their symbiotic dance around Golden Sunflowers. Sequenced Synth Pads interwoven within Tranquil Keyboard Melodies transition into Beautiful Harmonies with chilled out Beats. This track is inspired by & dedicated to all the Beautiful Women in my life-and the world :)

  • Enchanted Lands2 Full Moon Banner
      Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Volume 2

      Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #2 was completed 10-16-13 and is the musical continuation of the Enchanting "New Mexico Experience" fall 2013. John endeavored to capture the spirit of the first EL Compositions and expand the musical themes with more melodic and organic sounding tracks. John's goal is to create "Aural Meditations" infused music with a spiritual connection and relaxing energy frequency.
    Enchanted Lands 2 CD Cover
      CD cover art copyright 2013 CozmicFunk Studio. Original Images, graphics & composition produced by J.P.F. The unique Landscape photo was captured at the peak of the rock formation/Petroglyph Cave in Pilar New Mexico. The image reveals the Rio Grande River (in the background) winding up into the Rio Grande Gorge Canyon with the Milky Way Galaxy emblazoned against a radiant night sky, with the Super Full Moon (3D graphics) and meteors racing across. The night time Landscape is brilliant against the Moon's Illumination in this remarkable Enchanted Land! Milky Way Image Source courtesy of Astronomy Pic of the day.


    Enchanted Lands Vol. 2 CD Track descriptions
  • Track 1 Enchanted Lands Book 2: Mystic Valley- Canyon Journey- 9:40- Enchanted Lands Book 2 is the next chapter in the musical exlporation of Enchanting Northern New Mexico. This 2 part title track encompases the mysterious Rio Grande Gorge Valley with haunting Keyboard Melody Soundscapes backed with a Acoustic Guitar progression and Nature Sounds that create a sonic backdrop as we voyage into the canyon.

  • Track 2 River Canyon Nights- 7:30-This track is the 3rd installment of Enchanted Lands Book 2. A rich Keyboard Organ melody captures the evening atmosphere with Soulful beats and guitar accents accompanied with rich layers of Synths and Nature sounds.

  • Track 3 Spirit Winds- 9:00-A medidative Soundscape inspired by a cave with Ancient Petroglyhps in the Rio Grande Valley/ Pilar backed with a sampled East Indian Drone, Cherokee Flute, synth Choir Samples, sounds of the river and a Native American drum beat.

  • Track 4 Solstice Moon- 9:50-A Mesmerising track inspired by the "Super Moon" of the summer Solstice as viewed from the Taos Mesa. Dynamic Synth/Guitar layers backed with beats in a meditative cadence culminating into a Piano melody that sets a tranquil mood.

  • Track 5 Quiet Mesa- 6:00 -is considered part 2 to "Solstace Moon" with a classically inspired Piano Melody, String Section, Choir Harmonies and soft Keyboard Pads. Quiet Mesa is dedicated in loving memory to my Mother Shirley Jean Smith who departed us October 3rd 1996...

  • Track 6 Valley Dreams- 7:00 - This Ending Track is an epilogue to Mystic Valley. Soft Keyboard Pads, Synth Textures and Nature Sounds guides us into the realms of our dreams where new visions and realities are created and experienced.

  •  The Spirit Winds are the Messengers of the Ancients, Celestial Beings calling fourth their legacy of this Land. Their message of Song calls upon open ears, awaken minds and the purest hearts, for only those of a true spirit can enter the cave of the Ancients and hear the Spirit Winds. The Spirit Winds are speaking now, listen and call upon your true spirit! Emerge and create your Legacy in this Sacred Enchanted Land! J.P.F. 10-02-13

    Enchanted Lands Moon Banner
      Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Volume 1

      The self produced "Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol #1" CD premiered September 19th 2012 at the Pilar Studio Tour in Northern New Mexico. Since then, John P. Funk has performed at over a dozen venues in New Mexico and Austin Texas. The CD (& live performances) have received very positive reviews. The consensus of people that purchased the CD have asked about a follow up. A success can truly be gauged by a fan base that repeatedly asks for more recorded music. This is a testament to a love of music and attention to high quality production, intention to create music from the heart, inspired by the beauty and mystique of Northern New Mexico: The Land of Enchantment.
      A second CD is in the planning stage- most likely a "Enchanted Lands Vol #2" pending on another trip to Pilar New Mexico where the first one was produced. More info to be provided soon. For all the beautiful friends and fans out there, thank you so much- this music is a very important stage in my life and it is precious that it is meaningful to each of you! Sincerely, John Patrick Funk, April 15th 2013 :)

      The "Enchanted Lands" CD marks the debut Musical Recording from John Patrick Funk inspired by his visit to Beautiful New Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley. John has been a musician/guitar player since his teens and has explored many artistic endeavors throughout his life including being a professional 3D Animator in Gaming and Simulation, a Producer, Director and Writer of short films, published inventor of Robots and Electronic Art, a successful Art Director and creator of Visual Effects and recently a composer and producer of Film Score.
      John exlpores the combination of electronic music, inspired melodies, acoustic instruments with a love for composition and a heart for the appreciation of Nature and the Universe.
    Enchanted Lands CD Cover
      Enchanted Lands is 7 unique tracks which John considers to be musical diaries of his experiences of summer 2012. The music was Produced (Created, Performed, Recorded & Engineered) at the CozmicFunk/Pilar Earthship Studio in the heart of Beautiful Northern New Mexico. John plays all the acoustic/electronic instruments, orchestrates the unique sounds and arrangments.
      The Musical Influnces behind "Enchanted Lands" is a combination of Jazz, Electronica, World Beat, Soul and Film Soundtrack Score etc. John finds inspiration in artists such as Pat Metheny, Jean Michelle Jarre, Vangelis, Jerry Goldsmith & John Serri to name a few. The collection of songs musical Styles range from Modern Jazz, Electronic Lounge, New Age Atmosphere, Trance Electronica, World Beat Fusion & Inspirational Native American in 7 original soundscape tracks. Perfect background music for setting a creative & relaxing Atmosphere.
      Enchanted Lands, Songs & Original Materials Copyright 2012 JPF CozmicFunk Studio www.cozmicfunk.com

    Enchanted Lands CD Track descriptions
  • Track 1 Enchanted Lands 7 min- Enchanted Lands is the title track that encompases the Northern New Mexico experience with Jazzy Guitar melodies, layered strings, enchanting flutes & angelic drones. The song represents beautiful vistas and skies from the Land of Enchantment.

  • Track 2 MoonRise Mountain 8:30 min- This song was inspired from a full moon rise over the canyon that illumnated the Rio Grande valley in Pilar. Soulful guitar backed by a chill'n electronic rhythm with Bluesy Keys: sit back and Enjoy the MoonRise!

  • Track 3 Rain of Light 9:30 min- The Persieds Meteor Shower as observed from the Earthship front deck that created a beautiful "Rain of Light". Layers of deep synths and Harmonic drone textures graduate to a creshendo in a relaxing Celestial Soundscape.

  • Track 4 Ancients of Sandia 7 min- The Sandia Mountains in ABQ are ancient in their geological grandeur. "Ancients" has a Danceable World Beat influence with layers of arpeggiated rhythms, Middle Eastern inspired instruments and Tuvan chorus samples.

  • Track 5 StarLite Canyon 8 min- Take a voyage into the canyon and heart of the StarLite crystals local to the Rio Grande Gorge. A hypnotizing electronic soundscape within layers of energetic syncopation.

  • Track 6 Happy River 6:20 min- A medidative Soundscape inspired by the Rio Grande in Pilar with Organic beats and Sounds recorded from the Rio Grande Gorge. Beautifully produced with Cherokee Flute, Acoustic Guitar samples and subtle electronic drones.

  • Track 7 Space Groove 7:40 min- The Milky Way is in full viewing glory with it's Magellanic cloud and dense clusters of Stars. This is the background for a driving Electronic rhythm layed with mysterious synth textures and cozmic sound FX.

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